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After seeing companies big and small struggle to maintain their technology systems and processes, the team at PIN Business Solutions set out to fill the void with a future-driven, proactive-based approach based on our clients’ individual technology needs, struggles and frustrations. Today, we are a Managed Service Provider and I.T. consulting group with robust management, deployment and automation capabilities, and we are one of the most effective and fastest-growing solutions in the country.









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Can your IT provider answer these 5 questions?

What real-time monitoring, if any is performed on my systems and what procedures are in place for when a threat is detected?
In today’s technology-driven world, we hear about large company data and security breaches almost weekly — and these are just the ones that are found and reported. You can’t fix a problem you don’t know about, so real-time threat detection and monitoring is critical to protecting your business from these ever-present threats.
How is my data backed up and what would the recovery time be in the event of a complete failure?
Nothing cripples a business more than data loss. A recent study from DellEMC suggests that data loss and downtime cost businesses a total of $1.7 trillion each year in the U.S. alone, and this does not include loss in employee time and productivity. If your systems were to go down right now, are you confident you could recover your data and in a timely manner?
What steps are being taken weekly/monthly/annually to update and maintain my systems?
The reliability of I.T. systems and infrastructure is greatly affected by how they are maintained. Much like a vehicle, if regular scheduled maintenance is not performed, the parts wear down faster and expensive problems start to arise. Preventative steps including software updates and patching as well as equipment cleaning and inspection are some of the ways these risks can be mitigated.
What services are included in my pricing and what are the a la carte rates for hardware/services you are not including?
It seems like a simple question, but many business owners are not able define what’s included in their I.T. services and what would be an out-of-pocket expense. It’s important to know these costs so you can accurately predict your I.T. expenses and prepare for unexpected costs. If you work with a provider that is “all-inclusive” with their pricing, it may be more important to know what’s NOT included.
Do you have a Service Level Agreement (SLA)? If so, what are the levels of service defined and are these acceptable for my business needs?
Having an I.T. provider on-call adds piece of mind and ensures you can get support when you have an issue. Unfortunately, without defining the level of service beforehand, it’s hard to know when the provider will actually get to it.  Service Level Agreements outline commitments by the provider for up-time guarantees, response times and escalation steps.

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